Hey! I'm Matthew. I'm a mechanical engineer by training, and I used to work at TransitMatters as a program coordinator and campaign lead. I'm soon going to be working for the City of Boston as a transit planner. I'm passionate about equitable transportation, urban sustainability, and the promise of democratic government and redistribution to deliver the good life for everyone. Previously, I've worked as a test engineer, a product development engineer, and an instrumentation engineer. In college I studied mechanical engineering and Assyriology, which explains the cuneiform above - it's a greeting written in Akkadian.

This website collects some of my prior work from undergrad, as well as some mediocre blog entries I occasionally make - subscribe for (vanishingly infrequent) updates with this RSS feed! It will also collect any work that I find meaningful or interesting enough to put on the Web.

If you'd like to email me, reach out at: matthew [at] meptrsn [dot] info

Updated 2023.01.26