Amtrak Train 448 - Lake Shore Limited (to Boston)

24 May 2019. New York. Between Rome and Syracuse.

From Chicago to Boston. The home stretch.

Amtrak Train 8 - Empire Builder

22 May 2019. Montana. Between Malta and Glasgow.

On the Great Northern Railway. Glacier National Park. The Plains.

Amtrak Train 14 - Coast Starlight

20 May 2019. On the Puget Sound. South of Tacoma.

An incomplete account of the lacuna between the 14th and the 20th. Updated 22 May.

Amtrak Train 1/421 - Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle

14 May 2019. West Texas.

An account of my time in Austin, including limited coverage of the 42nd Annual O. Henry Pun-Off.

Austin, TX

10 May 2019. W.W.'s house, Austin, TX

A short post. No pictures, still working on getting them posted.

Amtrak Train 21 - Texas Eagle

8 May 2019. In the Sightseer Lounge of the southbound Texas Eagle, south of Sunnyside and north of Herculaneum, on the banks of the Mississippi.

Nighttime. St. Louis. Pilgrimage.

Chicago Union Station

8 May 2019. Chicago Union Station. Great Hall.

In which diners are dinered and delays are sadly not delayed, but experienced in their fullness as soon as they, ironically, arrive.

Amtrak Train 29 - Capitol Limited

6 May 2019. The Sightseer Lounge of the Capitol Limited between Martinsburg and Cumberland.

(Incomplete) notes on DC and the scenery along the Potomac. Pictures to come!

Amtrak Train 65 - Northeast Regional

03 May 2019. In the Café Car of Amtrak 65 - Northeast Regional to Newport News. After Old Saybrook, before New Haven

In which Matthew makes a run for the train. The Northeast Regional to Washington.

First Post: Why I'm writing this Blog.

29 April 2019. Inman Square, Cambridge, Mass.

In which Matthew handcodes a terrible blog in HTML.