Trains 65 to 29: Northeast Regional - Washington, D.C. - Capitol Limited

4 May 2019 - 6 May 2019
Washington, D.C.
View of platform at Union Station, Washington.

Arrival at Washington Union Station.

View of Main Hall, Union Station, Washington.

The Main Hall, Union Station.

View of Embassy of the Republic of Iraq, Washington, D.C.

Across the intersection from the Iraqi Embassy. It was an embassy open house day, and many embassies had events. We went to the Iraqi Embassy as well as the Uzbekistan Embassy.

View of the U.S. Capitol

A view of the Capitol Building.

View of inside of DC Metro intersection station

A view of one of the junction stations of the D.C. Metro. Really cool architecture - I adore the D.C. Metro stations. They are like concrete cathedrals, delicate ballets in light and mass, coffers sculptural above the coming and going of trains.

An ad for the D.C. Metro - it reads: More CO2 could mean more shark bites. Keep the sharks at bay. Take Metro.

An ad from a campaign that was all over Metro. Good messaging! More transit agencies should tie riding transit to helping the fight against climage change.

Sideways view of the Washington Monument.

A sideways view of the Washington Monument, on Monday before I left. I got lucky with the weather.

View of the National Museum of African-American History and Culture.

A view of the new National Museum of African-American History and Culture. The architecture, with its outer shell of sculpted metal and landscaped grounds, is exquisite. The curation on the interior is amazing, and tells the story of African-Americans from 1400 (the start of the Atlantic Slave Trade) to near the present day. A must-visit, and should be required viewing for all Americans and Europeans.

View of platform at Washington Union Station, with train 29 visible.

The Capitol Limited, ready to depart Washington. On to Pittsburgh!